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Saphris and Soreness?

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My doctor decided to switch me from 3 mg of Invega once a day to 5 mg of Saphris, with an eventual goal of 10mg. Since the day after I've started taking the Saphris, (I started taking it Wednesday, Thursday evening the problems started) I've been having some seriously nasty joint pain. I have a bad knee to begin with, but now the hip has decided to join in the party, and I'm not sure why. The PI sheet that came with my samples is VERY verbose and my brain short circuits when I try to read it, so I'm curious...

Can Saphris cause joint pain? Has it done that for anyone here? Did it go away? And is this something I should be calling the after hours number for the counseling center about or should I just pop a Tylenol and assume it's the changing weather being stupid again?

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