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can abilify directly cause a lowered attention span?

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i feel like i went from ADDmildy inattentive to ADHD combined seemingly after taking this medication and im not just talking abotu akathisia being added to my symptoms, i feel like my attention span is extremely shorter than before. i was sitting in a movie theater and contemplating leaving after 10 min so i could distract myself with something else.. not cause i was feeling restless, the restlesness isnt that debilitating.do antipsychotics have this effect? i'm taking strattera but it doesn't seem to be doing anything at 60 mg, i'm not sure it even would seeing as abilify is a dopamine antagonist (a partial dopamine agonist but it still blocks dopamine to an extent) and strattera associated with indirect dopamine boost (aside from its primary norepenephrine function, that's what i read in a book on add anyway)

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