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For anxiety, I took 100mg 3X/day. We tried it as a mood stabilizer along with 500mg of Seroquel and gave up on that pretty quickly - too low a dose of Seroquel since the Lyrica didn't stabilize me.

I wasn't very good about taking it - remembering to take a med 3X/day is not a strong point of mine, and I don't like swallowing capsules, so....

I had very bad compressed nerves in my foot last year (I run/do triathlons/lead backpacks and hikes) and it got as bad as it was (off for about 4 months) because the Lyrica masked the pain. So I stopped taking it in September after I had a nerve pop out of place and my p-doc said not to restart it now since we're changing over my anti-psychotic, though he may put me back on it in the future.

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