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can it bee that Lamictal initially helps but poops out or rather makes things MUCH WORSE after some time?

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just wondering....And i dont mean just for bipolar but also for epipelsy. because i kind of have this idea of havong left temporal lobe epilepsy rather than bipolar but that's another story.

so here the question again, can lamictal help with stabilizing mania AND depression OR stabilizing Seizures initially but stops or rather start making things MUCH WORSE after some time? like well, a month?

i took lamictal on 3 ocasions and as far as i can tell (i have huge memory problems) it stabilized me pretty well but i went batshity after like 2 months. which is weird. i never thought about it this way before. i just thought it might have pooped out or the other meds were to blame. or that i just went crazy on my own without meds playing any particular role.

but lets see. i'm on 20mg zyprexa, 1500 mg generic depakote, 600mg generic tegretol, and i'm still manic or whatever (basicly crazy) most of the day. (or maybe it's simple partial seizure? i'm waiting for the resulsts of EEG. another story)

i tried to search online but didnt find anything useful. the only thing i could find was that lamictal can worsen myoclonic epilepsy (whatever that is) and maybe cause mania in some.

so please help me if you have had similar experiences or if you are a better googlist than me and find something useful.


polar bear

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Shouldn't Tegretol be able to control your seizures? Topamax? Both (less commonly topiramate) are used for bipolar disorder as well as epileptic disorders. I recall seeing anecdotal evidence (as well as talking to a fellow patient at the hospital this week) that Tegretol can cause seizures at higher doses. You should see a neurologist and talk to your pdoc, though not necessarily in that order. unsure.gif

You're only on 100mg of Lamotrigine, though weirder things have happened at lower doses.

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