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ADD - Son 10 Years Old


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My son is 10 and we started him on 30 mg of Vyvanse after being off of the Rx for the summer. Before summer he was on 60 mg. Now, he's having way more side effects - loss of appetite, headache, and fearful. He's normally not fond of bugs, but on the Rx, he's super afraid and it affects his daily life. I'm going bonkers. The one good thing on the lower dose is that his knuckle cracking has stopped. Has anyone else seen the fear/afraid side effect and the worsening of the appetite on a lower dose?! Weird.

Thanks so much!


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It's probably just the side effects from going back on it. That kind of side effect is not uncommon the first few weeks of being on any kind of stimulant. I was actually on my full dose of stimulants for over a year before I was able to eat normally. I ate a lot of protein bars and took vitamin supplements.

How long has he been on it? There's a good chance this will pass in time. I don't think it's an issue of being on a lower dose than before. It's either a side effect of restarting the medication that will pass or something inside the kid's noggin changed over the summer. In the later case, a change to a different stimulant or the addition of another medication might be necessary.

IMHO taking "breaks" from ADHD meds isn't a great idea and this is one of the reasons why. Going back on them can be pretty rough. They are also really helpful in every day activities a kid has to do like cleaning up after himself and engaging in social activities. As kids get older they start having more involved conversations with each other and ADHD kids stat to get left out because they can no longer follow conversations and interrupt a lot. There's just not a lot of reason to stop taking them and a lot of reasons to continue taking them. I've been on them pretty much non stop for nearly 20 years.

We're really geared more towards "first person" questions and advice, ie talking directly to the person with the disorder. You might find better advice at a site for parents of kids with ADHD.

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