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Fixing italics on websites

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On the google.com homepage, I noticed tht inside the I'm feeling lucky and google search buttons the words we're in italics, which was unusual.

I come to this site and most all the text is in italics which I know is not the norm.

I checked both browsers on my computer (google chrome and IE 8) and both do the same.

I've tried clearing cache, disk cleanup, ctrl + F5, and I've checked my brother's computer and on his it's fine.

I noticed other sites are also italicizing where it shouldn't.

Could I be missing a font?

Because I'm not at my computer right now, I'm opening up the floor at the moment to any suggestions that you have.

Oh and I did try overriding my IE 8 installation. It reinstalled IE 8, but didn't solve the problem.

Thanks for your help,


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I wanted to let you know (and this thread can be closed after this statement from me) that I was able to fix this problem by doing a system restore to a date that the computer didn't have this problem (which was yesterday).

Thanks everyone.

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