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How is everyone? :)

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I am bad at doing introductions. I never know exactly what to say. I have a hard time using the singular. It will be nice to meet some understanding and non-judgmental people that know how I feel as well.

I love photography and have been taking photos since I was old enough to hold a camera. I do mainly landscape and architecture. I have been losing weight for the last year.

I am multiple and a few other things. I don't believe that being multiple is a disorder but a gift because if it wasn't for all the others that live with me I wouldn't have made it this far in my life. Thanks to them I have only ever spent one night in this body.

The others are more in to the social things than I am but since I am the only one that will normally use the singular I was drafted to make the intro. I have anxieties when it comes to meeting new people as well. It is also claimed as my body.

I hope that we all get to meet a lot of you here and that this finds all of you happy and well.

Feel free to ask anything you like we are a very open crew.

Thank you for reading,

Bec (Host of Split Infinitive) :)

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welcome, welcome jude!

youre right. CB is a great place to sit back, be yourself and not be judged.iits also amazingly supportive and has tons of information. i hope you take a liking to this place.

and FWIW i like how you have a sense of humor about youself.

and as well, im tired. have to get up for work. eck. how are you?

I'm well thanks.

As for the sense of humor a line in one of my favorite songs goes something like "I have to laugh at myself because I'd cry my eyes out if I didn't." (The Indigo Girls). Besides I believe that laughter is one of the best medicines. My PDoc thinks I should believe its third or fourth on the list...lol.

I feel you on the having to get up early. I get up to workout every day. I would happily trade you for a day.

So far I am liking it here. Still have quite a bit to see it would seem but I'm hanging in there :)

Have a great day,


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I'm doing alright, though I'm very anxious about a mediation I'm going to tomorrow. How are you Jude?

Meditation sounds awesome about now!

@bpladybug... I love that. It never gets old (no sarcasm intended) :)

Jude, she, mompcork, wrote mediation! LOL Actually more of a legal proceeding than a spiritual or reflective activity.

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