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new doc new diadnosis

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well i saw my new psychiatrist yesterday

she seemed really nice. friendly, warm.

she has 'unlabelled' my borderline pd (woohoo)

but relabelled me with schizo-affective disorder (uh oh)

back on quetiapine (grrrr)

started last night and today i am tired and dizzy as **** and feel like a zombie. cotton wool for brains.

i had been feeling so good. (ok a lil unstable and poss impending hypomania) but i was looking forward to starting college and learning. now my intellect has disappeared because of the stupid meds.

i feel wretched today

like im in a chemical straightjacket

just an update




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I have posted this link to others before. Perhaps it may be useful to you.


Initially, the borderline concept developed as a dilute form of psychosis, and its main usefulness was to exclude such patients from falling apart on the couch. Stone can be credited for having been the first to make a persuasive argument about the need to shift from borderline as a subschizophrenic to a subaffective disorder (20).

Independently, in a Memphis study (13, 17), we examined the same question in a prospective design. We had started off with the hypothesis that BPD patients would be on the border of schizophrenic disorders, as defined in the framework of the Danish adoption study of schizophrenia (21). Contrary to our expectations, a greater percentage of BPD emerged as dysthymic, cyclothymic, and bipolar II than schizotypal and schizophrenia spectrum. Moreover, in family history, BPD probands were closest to the affective, especially the bipolar, comparison group. This familial-genetic bipolar link was reinforced by antidepressant associated switches into irritable-angry hypomanic and mixed states in 20%. 'Paradoxical' disinhibition on antidepressants in borderline patients has also been observed by others (22, 23). The affective  predominantly bipolar spectrum  affinities of BPD revealed in the Memphis study is typically dismissed by borderline researchers on the mistaken assumption that it was conducted in a mood clinic; in reality, these were consecutive BPD patients in the larger mental health clinic. Moreover, to further discredit the affective thesis of BPD, these researchers (7) contrasted the 'empty depressions' of BPD with that of 'guilt depressions' in classical affective disorder. Thus, unstable, hostile, and labile moods  the unrelenting tension and irritability with superimposed paroxysms of rage  are relegated to the characterologic realm. The thrust of this argument appears based on a misapprehension that only classical depressive disorder is a 'true' affective disorder. They do not seem to realize that bipolar II is highly prevalent, is a hybrid of volatile affective temperament and affective states, and highly suicidal (10, 24). To consider BPD as the root cause of much of impulsive suicidal behavior can lead to dangerous complacency and to the self-serving belief that it is the 'specialty' of these patients and, therefore, beyond the doctor's professional responsibility.

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i've always had a like/need/hate relationship with seroquel. sometimes i blamed it for my depression. sometimes i enjoy it. but i always take it for my worst mixed/dysphoric states and for sleep.

i will say this though. in the beginning when i first started it, i did not at all like it

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New meds almost always make everything weird, and often not in a nice way.  Patience, grasshopper.  The vast majority of side effects are transient; in my experience, which has mostly been lucky, they go away within days if not weeks.  And the resulting mood regulation is usually quite gratifying.

And about the diagnosis change, does it really matter?  I think that the only purpose of getting a diagnosis, besides putting a name and a face on the disease, is that it tells the pdoc how it might be treated.  Sometimes it still takes trial and error to find the right medicine, but at least now you're in the ballpark.

Hang in there, and meanwhile, check other threads for discussions about quetiapine (Seroquel).  Lots of folks are taking it and can cheer you on through the adjustment.

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