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Crazy Board Members Respond

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I am one of many victims of Hurricane Katrina, living just across the lake from New Orleans.  Last week I vented a bit on one of the threads in here about how miserable it was, without electricity or phones or A/C.  I also said that I was scared shitless because my meds were almost out.  My pharmacy was (and is) boarded up.  The pharmacist and his wife apparently left town just before the hurricane hit.

My pdoc's office was closed and the windows boarded up.  My general MD's office was also closed.  I went to Walgreens, who said that unless they could contact my doctors or the pharmacy where I'd been getting my prescriptions filled there was nothing I could do.

In addition to the crazy meds I take I also take medication for hypertension and hyperthyroidism.  I have been on meds for years and never ran out.  The mere thought of being stuck out in the boonies where I live without meds was very scary.  My lifeline was the generator and this computer.  After the 4th day I had a phone line which would support DSL but no calls.  (Now I can accept them, but still not call out).  The cell towers were/are down.

The day after I posted members started responding, some on the board, some in pm.  I was overwhelmed.

It was like we are one big family and they were taking care of a family member.  Many offered support; some offered to send meds.  That is hugely frowned upon by Jerod and the moderators (and I totally understand), so I declined.  But one moderator pm'd me, and we talked several times daily.  She became my support.  Everytime I switched the fridge off the generator I hooked up the computer to see if she had pm'd me.

She talked to other moderators and members and because of her, and you, I was able to receive meds that were similar to what I was taking, to the point where all I had to do was make minor adjustments.  I was 3 days with no meds.  ONLY THREE DAYS.  I was shaking so hard I couldn't stand it, and throwing up, and my head was killing me.  I was so deep in depression I can tell you my thoughts weren't the right ones at all.  Looking back now on some of the pms I wrote I can see I was barely coherent.

Thank you seems hugely inadequate;  I won't post the names because some of you have asked me not to.  But god, without you guys, I don't know what I would have done.  I am so appreciative.  The power of this group of members is awesome.  You guys may have saved my life.  Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.


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Everytime I switched the fridge off the generator I hooked up the computer to see if she had pm'd me.

I'm so glad you had a generator!  There's SO much that happens in a disaster, it's hard to comprehend unless having been in it. the meds part espescially yikes. Keep posting Sirwriter.

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