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wow i hate you


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Hi Indigo,

I am giving opinion for Karuna. This is my friend site, and it helped me a lot with all my problems way back.

Oh, OK, I missed that you were replying to Karuna. Your friend's site...got it,

Now how 'bout the rest?

What is your diagnosis? What medications are you taking? Do you have a therapist?
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@ OP...people are always going to talk shit about you. That's life. People are always going to talk about you(and your friends) behind your back. Not the truth either.

And fools will listen to them.

It's not anything you can ever control. So don't concern yourself with it.

The classy way to deal with them is to ignore them as the human toe-cheese they are, and carry on, serene in your own self-worth.

If you let what they do affect you...then they are controlling your actions.

Don't give a shit-stirrer the satisfaction of starting trouble for you. You don't need it. You focus on your life goals and to hell with them.

I imagine you're in school still? focus on getting out with a diploma and going to a community college, because life without even a diploma is very, very hard.

You're gonna need at least an associate's, really, to make it these days.

Crab traps have an open top...but when one crab sees another climbing out...that crab will pull the other one back down.

So they all end up getting cooked together.

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