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The most commonly used supplements, along with conditions they're commonly used for:

L-Tryptophan and 5-HTP (uses: depression)

L-Tyrosine (uses: depression, ADHD)

Melatonin (uses: sleep disorders, Alzheimer's disease, childhood epilepsy)

Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids (uses: schizophrenia, depression)

Kava-Kava  ;) (uses: anxiety)

Supplements that are NOT recommended include:

Lithium ororate ("Serenity" or "Natural lithium") - it just doesn't work and it's toxic to kidneys

Anything homeopathic (it's pretty much guaranteed not to work, apart from placebo effect).


To be added: SJW (regardless of how much it sucks), homeopathy (AKA sugar pills), rhodiola rosea (OK, that's for pleco), milk thistle, aspartame controversy, acupuncture (I don't know shit about that), phenylalanine, lecithin and other choline precursors, Sam-E, light therapy, green tea, vitamins/minerals...

Warnings about dangerous therapies (like colon hydrotherapy and chelation therapy)

Warnings about what not to take with specific disorders (like, not Sam-E with bipolar).

And of course, more information about already covered supplements.

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here's a list of stuff for me to do. more ***'s the more important for me to do

EPA versus DHA, and what they do, and why one is more important to the other for YOUR medical condition. with links to studies.

***rhodiola rosea


**acupuncture (have to research this - lacking in knowlege)

*acetyl-l-carnitine - as relates to omega 3 and for energy

**acetyl-l-carnitine-arginate (make sure link to studies showing increased neuron growth)

**alpha-lipoic acid - as relates to energy, and metabolism

***hormonal stuff:

people use DHEA and pregnenelone more and more as they age, should have cautions on why this can be bad and why this might be good for *some* people

*7-keto-dhea - safe metabolite of DHEA without turning into estrogen or testosterone, raises metabolism

*CLA - an omega 6 acid that people take to lose weight

GLA - an omega 6 acid that helps reduce inflammation, arthritis stuff

**b-vitamins --- need to write up a make sense reason of why to take them and why taking a b-100 or a b-50 can be bad and stupid. and mental health ones are generally b12, b6, and folic acid.

*vitamin c -- whole linus pauling thing?  personally i take for allergies (bad allergies), but not any mental health reasons that i know of 4g a day

***acne -- comes up here sometimes addressed as a side effect

saw palmetto, pygeum extract


**l-theanine - antianxiety effects

*GH3 -  it's now legal as a health food supplement in the USA. still rx in EU i think

*picamilon - see above. it's niacin bonded to GABA. for anxiety. crosses blood brain barrier.

***multivitamin - just general why it's important to eat healthy in first place, who may or may not need a multivitamin and what constitutes a "good" multivitamin

brands that we as mods consider "okay", without actually endoring them, just saying we think these are better than off the shelf walmart

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I will review the Kava Kava, though the skull icon is probably a concession to the fact it can be dangerous.hank you for flagging this up. Yet again, we're not perfect, but we do a very good job for our members and I'd appreciate it if you would drop the attitude that goes along with all this constructive criticism. If we can improve, please let us know, but we do a very tough job for little thanks, so I would really prefer not to have to deal with this kind of sanctimoniousness I am getting from you,. as someone who has not really contributed here in any way.

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