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cipralex and lamactail

Guest carly

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hi my name is carly

i was told 14 years ago that i had epilepsy..so they put me on different seziure meds the only one that worked was lamactial a dose of 250mg.

last year at the age of 23 i had my first child and was hit with post partum depression did not seek help until 15 months later when i had my second child...the post partum hit me harder and it got uncontroable..my doctor has put me on celexa and the two combined are making me feel worse then before i took it..

when i spoke with my doctor he told me to just wait it out and see how it goes...its just side effect being a new drug for my system...

i am not so sure that i wanna wait it out..

i could really use the help.. and advice on wat i should do as my doctor is a jerk and not much help to me...

thank u

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