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(other than the bloodwork) Why is Clozaril dosed different?

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You may not understand the question that I posed without me posting an explanation but I figure to ask this question in all fairness only because it seems with Clozaril they are very strict with the prescribing and filling of these prescriptions.

For example if I was taking for example 100mg of Clozaril at bedtime 1 pill per night and the pdoc wrote a script for 15 pills to last me for 2 weeks, the pharmacy is only allowed to give me 14 (even if the script says 15).

If using the same example above, it was now to be for the month and the doc wrote 30 pills for the month, I would only be allowed by the pharmacy to get 28 pills.

I'm just curious as to why I'm limited in the amount of pills I receive from pharmacy even though it messes with the script that a pdoc would write?

(is there a limit through U.S. law or is it a limit though the CNR, I'm just curious as to why even though a doc writes 15 for 2 weeks or 30 for the month, I'm not allowed my entire amount that he writes. It's not like that with other scripts, not even the antianxiety meds like ativan or xanax)

I'll try to limit to this question so it doesn't become a med obsession but it has been on my mind for a while because all I get told about this question is that "it's a controlled substance", and that doesn't seem right to me.



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The dispensing limits are there for no other reason than to ensure compliance with the blood tests. It's a regulatory requirement imposed by the FDA.

Your pdoc should be, and probably is, aware of dispensing limits when he writes the script. Perhaps he's just writing certain numbers out of habit?

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