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pamelor vs wellbutrin

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i'm currently taking pamelor 25mg and lamictal 100mg for BP as well as klonopin and vistiril (don't really use this one) on an as needed basis for anxiety. pamelor is/was making me very aggitated (ie mixed/crappy mania-ish but not so severe, just the beginnings, if that makes sense) so my pdoc upped my lamictal from 50mg to 100 (i dunno why he kept me on such a low dose for so long. last time i was on meds i was on 150mg, but this is a new guy so...).

anyways i CAN'T take any SSRIs as i have TERRIBLE reactions to them (like rapid cycling with horrible physical/unable to move/spasming side effects) but i'm starting to feel iffy about pamelor. actually i'm starting to get really anxious and scared about it. totally without basis too, may i add. but still i'm thinking i'd rather try wellbutrin as i know quite a few people who have had good experiences with it and it doesn't seem to effect serotonin (i could be wrong on this...) which seems to be my issue with the other drugs. i'm also having doubts about my pdoc as i can't tell if he's being cautious about my dosages since i seem to be so sensitive to meds and prone to side effects or if he just doesn't know "proper" dosages (he made a comment about not knowing if 100mg of lamictal was ok, which i'm not sure what he meant by that... and looked it up in his little psych pill dosage book).

anyways, long story short - pamelor vs wellbutrin. experiences? sounds like a good/bad idea? no clue? just looking for opinions.



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