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hi! um, i just happened across this place during one of my many searches regarding bipolar and meds, etc. and am excited about getting involved. =0)

uh, not sure what to say about myself. i'm bipolar, though i'm not sure which type... (dr hasn't defined that for me yet...). it was mentioned to me at 18, diagnosed at 21 (started meds, had TONS of trouble with the drs, stopped getting phone calls returned, and tapered off the meds with my GP), and diagnosed again at this year at 26 and am in the process of getting on meds. i'm also OCD and can't take SSRIs due to really bad reactions to them (i'll elaborate if wanted, but that seems a bit much for an intro...)

other than that, i'm a wife, mother to my 18 month old daughter, went to art school, started teaching special ed (don't ask me how that transition happened!), had the baby, am now a SAHM, and am looking to get back into the art field (specifically puppetry. you know, because there's a big demand for people in this area... heh) as i was VERY unhappy with teaching (kids were great, the rest not so much).

looking forward to hanging around here!


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beth, welcome to our happy nut house. Please be sure to read the rules, and contact a mod or admin if there is something you don't understand.

We have lots of parents here, so I hope it's helpful to compare notes with them. There's a forum dealing with family issues, if you're interested. Be sure to check out chat if you feel the need to talk to someone.


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