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I suck at intros, but

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Anyway, hello everyone! My name's Kelley. I kind of wandered over from the Crazy Meds LJ community, and I figured I might as well join.

I'm 23 and have schizoaffective disorder- the bipolar type. It's been a long trip getting to this point. I've been hospitalized a few times, and are one point I was on eight or nine medications. Oh, the wonders of doctors that don't try to fix things and just like throwing more meds at you. I'm down to three meds right now- Risperdal, Tegretol, and Thorazine.

I really, really suck at intros. Oh god. Umm...hobbies include roleplaying, writing things, drawing things, reading things, watching things, video games, listening to music, and sometimes WoW. I have a husband that will be mentioned from time to time, I'm sure. I'm on disability right now, but I'd like to maybe get some schooling in and eventually get a job that won't stress me out too badly. Last job, they found me sitting in the shower in the ladies' room talking nonsense. I really don't want to go back there. But right now, the main goal is to learn how to deal with normal life instead of running myself into the ground every few months and ending up back in the hospital.

I don't know what else to put here, so I'll stop. It's nice to meet everyone!

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