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More Sleep Issues

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First of all, the sleep meds I use KNOCK ME OUT within 15 minutes. BUT they're lasting about 5 hours. I wake up bright eyed and busy tailed then realize I've only slept 5 hours. I need 8 1/2 or 9 to be a normal functioning human being. The first few days I'm OK but then I'm falling asleep in chairs. This week I averaged 4 hrs 15 minutes of sleep due to one day getting one hour.

I LOVE how effective my sleep meds are during though 5 or so hours. Really do. I take clonazepam 2 mg and clonidine 2 (next week it goes up to 3, then 4 the week after). The clonidine is what knocks me out. Clonazepam relaxed me enough that I could sleep. But they both seem to wear off!

I don't want to change these meds because they do a great job while they're working. Help :)

PS I've tried going back to bed but my brain won't shut off.

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