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Effectiveness of Trazodone for Depression

Guest Caliper

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Guest Caliper

I've recently been started on 400 mg of Trazodone for depression (high therapeutic end for dose). I've always found it fantastic for sleep at lower dosages -- 50 to 100 mg -- but my pdoc decided to try it for a depression that hasn't really responded to anything else. My only other experience with an a/d that actually seemed to work unequivocally was amitriptyline. After a few weeks it was like a switch had been thrown and I felt better than well, ready to take on the work. Then things got strange, but that's another story.

I'm posting because I do seem to be feeling a little better after being on it a few weeks, even though I know it's known for not being very effective as an a/d (sleep, yes, definitely, though).

I was wondering what anyone else's experience has been with this med as an antidepressant. I just haven't heard that much about it.


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