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Hello, My Name Is ... wait, WTF is my name?

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Okay, so I'm here today because my last 5 google searches were related to

1) determining how to live with a crazy husband

2) determining whether it's my husband that's crazy, or me

3) determining how to fix my crazy

4) determining at what age I went crazy

5) determining what 'ego' means in buddhism.

So, I am obviously f*cked up, and need to be here.

The reason I stayed, however, is to comment on how much I LOVE the forum descriptions. You are clearly a FUN group of crazies, and I could use a little less seriousness in my journey to be the best damned version of me that I can be, even if I am crazy.

So, I'll probably lurk for about 3 years and, then, will finally post something when something really traumatic happens to me. Or something that FEELS traumatic, anyway.

Seriously -- another thing that I was searching for was how to regain brain function lost to alcohol and drugs use in late teens - early 30's; ie, how to find my way out of the fog and be the person I could've been. And I saw that there are some others on this site trying to do that, too.

But, really, the thing about lurking is probably what I'll do.

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Sorry it's not so busy here on the weekends and it's right around the holidays, so most people are scrambling around shopping or with their families. So the forum can get kind of dead.

But welcome. hope you can find some answers here.

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Welcome to Crazyboards. I also came here looking for answers, and met a bunch of nice nuts and decided to stay. I hope you will, too. Be sure to read the rules when you get a chance, and let us know if you don't understand something.


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