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Very Low Carb Lifestyle

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I do not have a specific low carb diet to tout at all. I just looked at all the different ones, wrote a huge summary in a small notebook for myself, wrote lists of all the food items and their carb counts and just did it.

While on the Low Carb, I stopped my obsessive compulsive behavior or picking at my fingers (have been picking deep wounds on my fingers since 13 every day, all day till this diet). I lost all the weight I wanted without realizing it (body image dysmorphia made me think I was still a little flabby even though I was stick thin) and without really beating myself up.

I went very low carb though. I was under 20g for a long time. It helped so much. I was happy, in a great mood; I was over confident in myself, went out of my way to just socialize and have fun in life for the first time without worrying about wearing sweaters and sweatpants (I actually took care of my hair and my nails). Met my husband, and anyhow.

Does this sound too good to be true? It wasn't for me...I stopped low carbing, went back to picking my fingers again, and got depressed.

But, the good part is that I picked up low carb again and exercised with hubby everyday. I got back in shape, became pregnant, and felt great again.

Just wanted to help you guys out, maybe some of you could try it. It might help you if you stick to it. Please let me know how it goes. Btw, the low carbing sort of got rid of the binging and starving for me, because I was controlling what I ate and having results to show for it...it was a god send honestly.

Hope this helps?

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Low carb lifestyles can help some but can be triggering for others.

There is some weak evidence they help with mood sx. Very weak-ish.

I use the carb addict's diet myself and like it but no ED except when on zyprexa which was totally med induced, although I have binge impulses, and overexercise impulses from time to time still. And body image issues.


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