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Which Forum do I belong in?

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Today I had my first appointment with my new pdoc (went very well....I have a sense he's going to be a keeper).

After a lot of fact-finding work and sharing with him my diagnosis of bipolar (with a rule out schizo-affective disorder), I proded him to

share with me what his bottom line thoughts are. He said that diagnosis get refined over time and we may also refine a bit more

but he felt I was more one the side of schizo-affectve.

Where does that place me on the message boards? Bipolar or schizophrenia? More important, how many of you with this

diagnosis consider yourselves more on the bipolar side or the schiz side of things. What's it like to live with this illness

on a day to day basis?

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You can post wherever you feel most relevant. I'm bipolarish, but it's not *official* on my insurance forms because they get itchy about too many changing dx's.

In any event, it's best for me to work within a bipolar framework since I have periods of bad depression and periods of hypermania.

Whatever framework you relate best to is where you should post. And honestly, sometimes I post bipolar depression stuff in depression forum because that's just how I feel. None of us are too particular, and personally I've never been yelled at for miscategorizing something.

But, welcome aboard! You definitely have to just keep going along, learn more and more, read stories, read up on medications, and just get to know yourself. That doesn't happen in a single session, it happens over years, and then you're still not through!

Good luck -- I hope that helped some =)

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Yeah I kinda wish there was a schizoaffective forum. Anyway, I agree with everything Bueler said about just finding the slots you seem to relate to best.

Over the last year my symptoms would be classified as more schizo (hallucinations & whatnot). Plus I tend to find schizo stuff more interesting than bipolar stuff in general. So I'll probably visit the schizo forum the most.

I'm pretty new here too btw. Nice to meet ya.

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Schizoaffective is pretty rare. Also, on your psychosis only moments, hey, post on the psychosis board. During the mood swings (w/or w/out psychosis) post on the mood dx boards.

That's what the dx IS.

Just a suggestion.

Also, post wherever, if it's wildly irrelevant or weird, it'll get moved to the right place (but don't make my life harder on PURPOSE :devlish: )


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