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going off paxil via prozac

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i've been on paroxetine [the cr version, or is it called er?] almost a year and a half now and i'm at a pretty high dose for quite a while now, 75mg.

a couple days ago i saw a new psychiatrist who decided to take me off the paroxetine over the course of a week. because she thinks it's not working anymore.

she prescribed me prozac and said i should take 10mg of prozac every day and take my 75mg dose of paroxetine every other day. for a week. then stop the paroxetine completely. that day next week, i have another appt with her. at which point i think she plans to put me on adderall. to help the prozac work better, she says.

so tonight is my first night of not taking paxil and i'm suddenly nervous and worried this isn't a slow enough taper. do you guys think i have reason for concern? or what? thoughts?

thank you for reading.

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yeah it is hard for me to trust doctors because so many of them don't know what they are talking about.

like this lady is new to me, last week was my first appt. she looked at my list of meds i've been on and said "wow... you've been on every antidepressant i can think of." really? :/

anyway thank you, i've been feeling fine so far. we will see how it goes when i stop completely.

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