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Opinion of colors for staff / admins

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At the bottom of the index page of the forum that shows who is online, there needs to be color differences to indicate the staff or admins in case someone needs to get in contact with one who is online. Having the color differentiation at the bottom of the index page would make it easier for regular users to be able to find a staff member and be able to PM them faster than with all users the same color.

I was thinking maybe leaving regular users the current color, make staff members green, and admins red. (or you could always choose, but let us know above what color means what)

Just trying to be helpful.



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Huh. Look at that. We aren't funny colors anymore. We used to be at some point. Shows how much attention I pay to the user list. That's what I get for skipping straight to reading posts instead. I wonder how one changes that these days...

Edit: I vote for regular users being plain because I'm not color blind enough. I'm only partially color blind: just enough to have issues telling some important things apart, but not so much that garish mishmashes of wacky colors don't grate on my brain. Heh.

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