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Where have you been all my life?

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Oh my word.... why haven't I found this place before?

I've been knocking back the happy pills for 10 years now and I'm only just finding this place.... madness!

So I'm NotFluffy, I'm rapidly approaching 31, and living in Scotland with my long suffering husband and our 7 year old laddie. It's been ten years since I was diagnosed with GAD and depression. I think the depression's been firmly knocked on the head but the anxiety is still fun and games. If you're ever in Asda and see a tubby Scottish bird fuhreaking out because there's an OAP blocking her way out the aisle - come over and say hello!

Anyway, I'm off for a mooch around the rest of the forum....

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Hey, notfluffy--welcome to our happy home! I hope you enjoy hanging out with us, and you will find that we have several members from the UK.

Be sure to read the rules and send a PM to a mod or admin if you don't understand something.


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