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What's your dx?


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  1. 1. What's your dx?

    • Schizoaffective
    • Schizophrenia
    • Psychosis NOS
    • Bipolar with psychosis
    • Depression with psychosis

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I' a strait up paranoid schzophrenic - paramnoid type - high functioning

x as well at different times - almost too many to recall -lets see if I can...

State hospital 15 years old I was first pegged as paranoid sckitzophrenic and put on haldol and prozac (new drug on the market - expensive at the time but worked better than others.

Major Depression with psychosis and PTSD in 1996. hospilaized for 3 months out two weeks and sent back this time to a private hospital - greeleaf if anyone recalls them. Had a blast and got put on thorazine because nothing else seemed to worlk

Mayo Clinic - testing done (i hate those) leading to a dx of bipolar - they never said what type

DR in Albany ga - bipolar with psychotic traits and ADD, Put in a group home.

lemme think a minute - minute is up!

atlanta - treated for depression that was untrelenting but not bad enough I coudnt hide the psychosisn - aint blue tooth just awsome? Put on effexor 300mgs and depakote.

Atlanta- AMC met DRs Lyubich and my psch doc- dr klopper who is absoluetly amazing and also a nurologist as well - he's harvard trained with many years of experience and keeps up to date - they both work on the psych floor at amc. Treated me first as bipolar and depression then decided by the reports from nurses about my wacky delusions that something else was going on,,, also my reclusiveness and self isolation. So we get from there to schizaffective disorder (hopelly I spelled that one right. People asume I am stupid by my spell and grammer)

THen the bottom fell out and i had another hard core psychotic break. MY symptoms were too full to hide and took over. Scared of everything then but there were specific delusions that I have talked about elsewhere. So now we are back to schizophrenia again. "maybe PTSD" and right now post psychotic depression,

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So I either have Major Depressive Disorder with psychosis or Schizoaffective. The schizoaffective is a new diagnosis. When I went into the hospital they discharged me with paperwork that said I had schizoaffective. So I don't know whats going on with that!

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