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better off cutting


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been feeling like i want to hurt others .....i have my nieces here for the weekend ...am really trying not to hurt them ....my husband is here with me looking after the kids

instead of me hurting anyone i should just cut myself .....

i havent cut for 2 weeks ....i cant go to A & E because it means i have to take the kids to A&E and A&E isnt really a place for kids

I cant go down there with out my husband i have social anxiety and very paranoid about people

I cant call the crisis team as they will call social work as the kids are under social work care va there mother and she has gone out for the night because it's her birthday and i dont want to ruin my sisters birthday

So am better of cutting

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OK, so you feel like you're better off cutting. What skills have you tried instead of hurting yourself or others? What do you think would help you from doing either?

The instead thread might be helpful

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I have voices telling me to do it and i feel fear that i am going to do it ....my nieces have gone now so there just me and my husband here now

I still feel like i need to cut

I could put them in to poems and art ..i'll try that


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