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Best ADHD Video I've seen, RSA Animate

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You can only do that afterwards. I'm sure the animation was at least weeks behind the lecture, and more likely months.

It was a pretty interesting lecture, but I'd say it was about 50 percent BS, and the other 50 percent vague, although I think his point about individualizing education is probably not so bad. They're attempting to do this a little bit in some public schools but it's not easy within that system.

He's really wrong about ADHD. I think his chart of prevalence is no such thing. It's merely a chart of where the system is able to diagnose ADHD. Maybe it's wrongly diagnosed some fraction of the time, I suppose. I haven't seen any figures that support that there's an epidemic of ADHD. I think he's taking advantage of people's intuitive belief in Cartesian dualism and the Puritanical idea that getting help from meds is too easy. And of course most of us who've taken meds for ADHD know that it's not like being anesthetized on the inside, however much it may sometimes look on the outside.

I was never dx'd as a child, though you can kind of see it in my old report cards. I certainly was distractable back then. We had TV, but I didn't watch it much. No PC's, no iPods, no cell phones, not even any calculators until I was in high school.

I'll bet the test of divergent thinking he referred to did not evaluate the quality or feasibility of the ideas. It's true that they beat originality out of you, but I don't think that those kindergarteners ideas were likely to be all that good, for the most part.

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I agree with what a lot of what he had to say - and it's true, ADHD is over diagnosed, and pills are handed out rather generously, in my opinion. But he's oversimplifying things - just because kids have computers and iPhones nowadays, does NOT mean that they have an excuse for doing badly in school. A healthy person is able to pay attention to boring stuff if they really need to,and even if they aren't good at it, they will be able to do it well enough so they can pass the class. Passing classes is not hard. So if someone is smart, or even average, and can't pass a class, then there's obviously something more there.

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