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reply all in a large company

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So I work for a major telecommunications giant, yes? Someone up at the top sent an email to the entire company meant for my side of the company. EVERYONE hit reply all. Seriously, I got like 25 emails to the entire company saying "I no longer work for this area. Please remove me from your mailing list". Then I got like 25 more emails to the entire company stating "STOP HITTING REPLY ALL!!!"

Then some genious sales rep decided to hit reply all with "Stop touching me there, daddy" to which someone else replied to EVERYONE in the damned company "I like tacos"

It finally stopped once the emails were recalled and someone ELSE hit reply all with "I'm forwarding these emails to HR", which I'm sure they got anyway because EVERYTHING was sent to anyone at the company with an email address.

My coworker and I were sitting there deleting emails all morning griping ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! After stop touching me there daddy sent his email, she called our supervisor and we were told under no circumstances were we allowed to join in!

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