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the colour red

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Ok, i don't know if anybody has a problem with colours

I have just moved into a new house today. When i went to look at it, there where some young guys living there and it was so packed you couldn't see it that well.

And now all i can see is the colour red.

The lower half of the walls in the living room is red. It is driving me crazy. I can't even think. I feel so aggravated i feel like cutting myself. I can't look at it without feeling ill.

And i can't keep hiding in the corner without red and closing my eyes when i need to move! I'm so wide awake and can't even think of eating

A colour should not be so upsetting

is it the colour or is it me

I feel like i should move

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I think the color red can have a different effect on different people, but I think for a lot of people it can be stimulating, whether positive or negative. To what extent that effect manifests depends on the person and their frame of mind, I'd imagine.

Is there anyway you can either paint the wall, put up shelves or put up posters or tapestries?

Colors and your environment in general can have some effect on how you feel.

You want to be comfortable. Try to make it your own by decorating it as much as you want, and then see if it feels any better.

I found this study on color and emotions if you are interested at all:


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You should be able to repaint the room. If you bought the place, you have every right to. If you rent, the landlord probably won't mind if you increase the value of his house by repainting an ugly room (as long as you do a good job). Painting is a pretty big project, so I would start planning it out now before you get moved in completely. And you can always get/pay someone else to do it if you just can't stand to be in the room.

Failing that, do what Luna said - redecorate to utilize the red.

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I also have issues with colors, though not so severely. But I do feel discomfort and anxiety at the idea of being surrounded by colors that are unpleasant to me, particularly in my home. It does sound like painting is the best route. I assure you that your landlord will be fine with some good old fashioned white or tan paint. If it's particularly difficult for you or you have zero painting skills, see if you have friends who could help for a day. You could do a painting party and give them booze and food in exchange for help. Good Luck!

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