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Hi, I just registered here from a friend referring me, this seems to be a really cool place. Here's a bit about me: My name is Jade. I'm a male to female transsexual (started hormone therapy but only 6 months into it, so a lot of changes have yet to happen, also pre-op but seeing psychologists, etc and i'm in the process of getting surgery). I'm 18 year old, weight 110lbs, 5'6.5 tall and live in Laval, Canada with my parents but I'm about to move out in a 2bedrooms appartment with my best friend and go on with my transition and life. I like various drugs, androgyny, hot guys, cuddling, reading, listening to goth/psychedelic/alternative/indie rock music (and possibly more). I experience a lot of social anxiety around people I don't know or in public places. sometimes I abuse drugs (opiates, benzos, gbl), but always manage to get back on track and not turn it into an addiction. I think that's it for now.

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