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One of the realities of mental illness is that no one can "see" your illness (except through behavior, possibly).

This is, in itself, frustrating.

Another reality is that there is no standardized "magic bullet" for it. In the past two months, I've tried Abilify, Risperdal and now Zyprexa (which I am finding to be extremely sedating and

unleashing some depression and paranoia).

I guess its all trial and error. This leaves me feeling kind of dispondent. Not to mention that I look at other med boards and read some pretty strong feelings (usually very negative) about

the meds I have taken or am currently taking.

How do you folks keep your heads above water in this kind of reality? Its hard for me as I lose faith in these meds pretty quickly (especially with side effects and some real bitching and

moaning coming from many quarters...of course, I am not being forced to read them :wacko: ).

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Guest Vapourware

When I read about other people's medication experiences, I always remind myself that people who have bad experiences are the ones who are more likely to talk about it than people who had good experiences. People with good experiences are more likely to just live their life instead of posting about how good a medication is, although personally I try to write about something good about my meds when I think they are doing well.

It is unfortunate that being on psych meds is like being a medication guinea pig. I deal with it by knowing that somewhere along the line, I'll find a combination for me that works because there's many out there.

I'm still in the midst of looking for the right medication but my current mix is doing an alright job at dealing with my symptoms.

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I understand the frustration. It's taken me awhile to find a "cocktail" of meds that work for me and they've changed over time. I still don't think it's perfect. I'm really tired a lot and I'm not sure if it's the meds or what. I would try not to pay too much attention to negative comments about meds if they are working for you. I wish there was one med that worked for everyone or a test to tell which ones to take. It is trial and error like you said.

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