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Coming out of the Closet

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Just joined the board. Look forward to reaching out to others in similar circumstance. I've achieved a lot completely without disclosure. Eight plus years with a college and never told a soul about my schizoaffective disorder. I've shunned the mental community here in my town trying to pass of as a normie. It's been very painful and isolating. I've had this illness for almost 20 years and I still haven't come to peace with it yet. I take Clozapine and Wellbutrin. I miss doses. I drink.

So basically seeking other "high" functioning (doesn't that make sound like a bunch of fucking chimps I hate that term) folks to get in touch with this quarantined illness.

Have inner peace everyone!


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Hi! :) (I really wish there were a chimp version of that smiley...)

"High functioning" sucks, and so does "consumer"-- blech. I saw myself described as "consumer" on a form today, and I nearly tore it up. Whatever happened to good old "client"? Because only the mentally challenged are "consumers" but anyone could be a "client"-- a client of a bank, or a lawyer, for instance.

I'm on a raging tangent because I've got a raging torrent of words wanting to come out, so I will go type them somewhere else.

Be well. Live long and prosper, etc.

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