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It hit me tonight.

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I rarely think I do SH anymore.

Today in the grocery store I realized that isn't the case...


I am allergic to just about every lotion you can imagine. I'm allergic to coconut oil, and shea butter. And also a lot of preservatives and stuff. Not just lotions but body products in general are difficult to get except make up? but anyways...

I have some lotion that I'm allergic to... and when I get really anxious... I'll put enough on that I get a fairly good size weltish rash type thing.

Its not that I forget I'm allergic to it. I intentionally do it for the welt/rash.

I have issues with pulling out hair on my arms/legs.... and occasionally I suppose it could be SH purpose... but usually its anxiety related. I get all anxious that certain hairs look funny or different and start pulling them out.


I just kinda wanted some .... accountability? I think thats the best word.

My goal is to get rid of all the lotions that I hve an issue with.

I keep a bottle of shampoo and conditioner I am allergic to for guests. But thats not an issue.

I guess the fact that I am 1 year 7 months cut free is still good.

Just need to get rid of these other things.

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They are pretty nice. Most are bath and body works lotions... I'm going to give them away to people I know

I have a MI group I'm in... and I'm going to bring some there and say free for whoever wants them....

Some I have in a bag already for one of well... two of my close friends. The non-femenine smelling ones I have in a bag for my best guy friend, as he often needs lotion....

and the other for my closest female friend... so....

I'm hoping there isn't much left after that.

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