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survival of self

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Acceptance makes a difference in management, I think. Not acceptance of being untreatable (that's not OK), but acceptance that the MI is present.

After acceptance comes being determined to become well. Even if what you have is hard to treat, determination goes a long way.

Support is also important in terms of coping. You'll find a lot of support here. Support groups may be helpful. If you have friends that are understanding, go to them. If not, make some friends that are understanding. Family tends to be harder - sometimes they're just not understanding. If they are, though, go to them when you need help.

Educate yourself on your condition. That makes things easier. Come to your doctor (politely) if you have any new ideas on your treatment.

Hm...if I think of anything else, I'll let you know.

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I feel a bit the same. Especially about the personality issues. Sure they can be "treated" but I suspect the treatment helps more with living with the incurable illness, rather than putting it into remission. Does DBT help the emotional sx of BPD or just the behavioral ones? It sounds like it's more to stop us being a pain in their ass than helping us with our deeply ingrained issues. Band-aid solution.

I haven't tried it (dog chewed my referall, gotta get another) so I'm just talking out my ass here.

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