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'bout DAMN time!

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So, for some time now, I've been a member of this wonderful community. Finally, I am typing my introduction.

Greetings, I am Quill.

That's not my real name, but, it's something I sign on EVERYTHING that doesn't say 'NAME:'. My sister says it's kinda feminine, but I don't give a fuck. If you must know, my given name starts with an 'N'.

I'm tall, dark, handsome, and I love long walks on the beach. LMAO Well, I don't know about the dark. All this snow has forced me into hibernation, resulting in a beautiful, pasty, white complexion.

OK, seriously, back in December, I was looking into restarting treatment for my ADHD. In time, I came across this lovely gem. I didn't post anything, at the time, but, I saw how helpful everyone was and I felt that this would be a nice place to make myself comfortable. Seeing that there was a blog available was also a plus. There was, and still is, so much I want to get out.

Now, that's pretty much it. If there is anything else you'd like to know about me check out my info, or ask and maybe i'll answer :P. Whenever I get around to seeing my tDoc for a psych reevaluation, i'll update my Dx. My last eval was over 10 years ago, and a fuck load has happened since then.


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