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I'm back? or something.

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I used to haunt the old board for a few posts, many moons ago, under another nick that I don't remember.

Anyway, my frustration is rising again with trying to deal with people who just don't understand. So I figure who better than those who know.

So Hi everybody!

I'm 31, dx of depression, bp nos, unspecified personality disorder.

I have the joy of having my family GP retire. the new guy moved, and I just got foisted onto another new gp. His remarks which while fair enough are frustrating as hell - referal to the local hospitals mood disorder clinic - 3 month wait apparently.

So in the interm - I put the tools I have to work, to make life as functional as possible.

Bottom line - not a happy camper with it, and trying like hell to make it work. (sound familiar??)

Thats all for now!

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Hi and welcome back to Crazyboards. I'm sorry your GP can't refer you to a psychiatrist---seems like that would be the speediest way to go. But I don't know anything about your situation, so I shouldn't make assumptions.

We have chat now, and a very active blog section. Please let us know if you have any questions, and you can contact any of the mods or admins for help.


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hi and welcome back! I hope you are able to see someone earlier than three months.

stick around :)

I have a plan, basically in the next few days i'm gonna follow up call the mood disorder clinic to confirm the referral, and see what kind of time line they have in place. Mostly at this point I just wanted a script for a SSRI to help with the depression/anxiety while I deal with hte stress.

if they blow me off or cant see me for months, then I revert to my next course of options, thankfully i've got some good people in my corner as it were.

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I just got off the phone with the office of the mood disorder clinic i was referred to out of my local hospital. They are back logged, but I'll get a call for an over the phone assesment within the next week to two weeks.

from there, I'll be able to book an assessment (reassessment) and determine a course of treatment from there!

this is GREAT news. I'm feeling really positive about this now!

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