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Some people get annoyed when someone posts the same thing that's already been answered elsewhere. But probably EVERYTHING we talk about has been repeated elsewhere... I feel like crap, why is this medicine doing this, etc...

Personally, I enjoy coming up with new discussions about old things. Technology may have evolved since the last thread, and for no other reason, if *I* start my own thread about the same thing, I feel like I'm part of the conversation instead of reading an old thread like a text book.

So, that is why I like creating new threads.

Phew, glad I got that out there, thanks!

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Search engines like new threads too.

It just gets ridiculous when someone starts a new thread on the same topic every week or something.

Yeah, but give some people some slack... us crazies want an answer NOW, and we want to phrase the question in a way that totally relates to us. Sometimes it's not about med dosages, sometimes you need need your very own thread to share your story in.

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