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Well hi dere.

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Well, I may say, this is the best support site I've ever joined, and I've been a member for about 3 hours :)

My signature explains all my "illnesses" as my therapist calls them, but if you can't read small print, I have Bipolar, Depression, NVLD (Non Verbal Learning Disability), Social Phobia, Asbergers, Self Injury, and Psychotic Behavior.

Um... I don't really know much interesting things about me, but I play bass guitar and drums, and I like painting stuff.


And of course, I was diagnosed without being diagnosed with Self Defeating Personality Disorder.

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Welcome to Crazyboards! I'm glad you found us and I hope that you continue to enjoy meeting our members.

Read the rules if you haven't done that already, and don't be afraid to contact a moderator if you have any questions. We don't bite. Much.


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