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Damn I thought that was just me getting stupider. I've heard that lamictal can make you stupid but i guess i never realized that that's what could be causing the problem....

Sorry for the irrelevant/unhelpful post,

I hope the fog goes away. Also maybe let your doctor know you're quitting? I don't know how you're doing stability wise but it's always a good idea to consult with your doc before messing with meds.

Good luck

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I stopped taking Lamictal a week or two ago, but the brain fog side effects haven't stopped. Did I do something wrong? Say, alcohol+lamictal=permanent brain damage? Or... am I just being impatient...

I don't want to strain to remember simple math or names anymore.

How fast did you go off and at what dosage?

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I came off it over a month. It took about a month after that to have the fog completely gone. I don't remember the exact circumstances, but I'd estimate it to be something like this.

Day 1 - Day 30 - Didn't notice much of a difference, but I know that there was some, perhaps a 25% improvement by the end.

At this point, I was completely off of it, and taking nothing else.

Day 30 - Day 45 - About another 25% improvement from fully medicated

Day 45 - Day 60 - Rapid improvement to a clear head.

Add two weeks after that, I started taking Wellbutrin XL.

Two more weeks, started using low dose testosterone replacement therapy.

Life now feels pretty normal.

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I left u a private message but just in case u didnt get it, i wanted to post here too. I realize this is a dead thread but just wanted to see how ur doing since. im having the same problems u were (or are). its been 8 days since discontinuation of Lamictal and im as dumb as a pile of rocks. it sucks. did u eventually get 100 percent better? how long did it take? etc....

If anyone else would like to weigh in, that would be very helpful as well.



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