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Hey everybody!

I'm new around here, I found this website by searching up medications haha. I don't really know what to type here. I'm an 18 year old Australian girl who has been living with mental illness since a very young age and dealt with other family members living with it aswell. I guess like most people i've had a bit of an up and down life, and still being young my life has got a fair bit to go but because of my mental illness it's hard for me to come to terms with that. I've been seeing different doctors for years and have been diagnosed and misdiagnosed with nearly everything you can think of, which sucks. I am still undergoing a full diagnoses of things and i'm being monitored. Basically I have depression and anxiety like most people. Social anxiety, GAD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Mild Agoraphobia are my anxiety diagnoses. MDD with Psychotic Episodes is the next big thing. I have suffered in the past from Binge Eating Disorder and the past 3 years i've been diagnosed with Bulimia Nervosa and still being treated. I am being monitored for a more serious Psychotic illnesses and i've been told i'm being tossed up between either Schizoaffective Disorder or Schizophrenia (Paranoid type). My Psychosis is my most disabling symptom of them all, and to be blantly honest it's getting worse by the day.

I have been misdiagnosed in the past aswell with: Borderline Personality Disorder with Dissociative traits, Anti-Social Personality Disorder with Histrionic traits and Dysthymia. All of these had been once upon a time diagnosed but are now un-diagnosed (if thats the word) because as my treatment went on, my doctors came closer to my real diagnosis.

So yeah ahha sorry for the life story but I can't wait to get started!

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Hi, welcome to the boards, I hope you will find some good information and support here. Please don't hesitate to poke around, ask questions, check out blogs and chat, and pm with any questions.

Also, make sure if you haven't to check out the user agreement.

Hope the correct dx and tx cause things to settle down for you soon...


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