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hi im new and dxed schizoaffective

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I had many a frequent troubles with antipsychotic medication, many allergic or just plain bad reactions to them. as far as anticonvulsants goes, ive only tried gabapentin, topamax,. lyrica and trileptal. trileptal gave me headaches so i couldnt take that. topamax was pretty good and really helped me focus very well, but overall the side effects of increasing insomnia from that were too much. not to mention joint cracking.

gabapentin and lyrica were the two best ones out there for treating me. although sometimes i got hypomanic on lyrica. u know just talking nonstop without even breathing. they also helped pain, anxiety, and sleep. i have really a hard time sleeping at times. sometimes it's almost like my body doesn't even realize it hasn't slept. like in reality i should be really having delusions, paranoia, and hallucinations. but instead, my body stores it as pain. which is why i take pain meds.

antidepressants are helpful to me, mostly for sleep. but for some reason sometimes they take the joy out of day to day tasks or fun activities like listening to music. calcium channel blockers unlike beta blockers, were the best for chest pain and even helped out with anxiety at times. diltiazem has been my go to med, i take it daily. i took inderal before and i had trouble breathing.

diagnoses are really kind of confusing. initially diagnosed with schizotypal, it really made sense. but there were other things going on besides magical thinking and dysmorphophobic thoughts. there were times of mood disturabance, pressured speech, energetic behavior. im also very unfocused at times and since all the antipsychotics did was really freeze my mind, like thought blockage to the tenth degree, i need to look about for new and different therapies. i still have yet to try some of the other mood stabilizers out there, and my doc is steering me away from ADD type meds like dexedrine. and is unwilling to try a few restless leg drugs due to side effects. the drugs requip and mirapex are just to name a few. and also modafinil is another drug.

im trying to do doublespace but it wont let me

this is actually brigg from crazymeds.us in case there were familiar faces

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