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Vyvanse makes me obsessively pick my skin

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I take Vyvanse, 20mg to 60mg depending on what I need to accomplish that day.

Even when I was a little kid I've always been a "picker", but with vyvanse it is MUCH worse.

I look like a meth addict when I dont have make up covering it. It's such a sad thing and I cant control myself.

Any imperfection I must pick.

I'm considering different meds but currently im taking Vyvanse for ADD and it'd beein working ok for a year minus

the skin picking issue. I also take Sertraline for anxiety partly caused by Vyvanse, which in effect makes Vyvanse not help as much with my ADD.

Sorry to get on a tangine. Anyway any suggestions?

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Thanks for the advice :)

I can't really lower my dosage and still be in control of my ADD, but the therapy may be the solution!

I may just be stubborn, (or am just bitter from past therapists?), but I feel like OCD therapy would not work... at least on me.

Doctors have told me to put a rubber-band on my wrist and whenever I feel the urge to pick, to snap the rubber-band.

Unfortunately, Operant Conditioning (if that's what this is supposed to be..?) does not help if I am the operant AND the one being conditioned.

I had a short phase when I was 14 with some mild self-mutilation, could "picking" be like a subconscious desire to injure myself? or is it just an OCD habit thing??

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I take zoloft also. Its pretty activating and it does some dopamine reuptake inhibition at higher dosages too. You might be having a reaction with that combo?

If it is the stim, you could try seeing if something else works. Maybe normal adderall? The others are heavier on dopamine from what I can find. But dopamine may or may not even be the problem. If your doc has no ideas Id ask about switching stims till you find one that works without the skin picking. Or maybe add something else or swap your AD for something that helps with anxiety and possible compulsions?

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I do the same thing! I have always been a picker or a hair puller (never able to stop both at the same time). I was on Vyvanse before then went off for a while and this time it seems to really kick up my anxiety and the skin picking is a lot worse. I've tried therapy for it repeatedly but it didn't help.

I thought it was my agitated depression (which can have skin picking as a symptom) but it has gotten so much worse since I restarted the Vyvanse. I'm going to ask about Strattera on Monday at my appointment. I've also started a new career and am feeling lots of anxiety about that as well.

Thanks for starting the topic. I'm really interested in seeing the replies.

I don't have a sig yet but I'm diagnosed with agitated depression and ADHD but have had a GAD diagnosis in the past. I take Aplenzin (a variation of Wellbutrin that few people have heard about, it seems), Lamictal, Vyvanse, Deplin, and Trazodone.

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interesting....the wife was on adderall and was obsessively picking at her skin...she's covered in scars now. Due to aderrall being out of stock in town, the doc switched her to vyvance and she has since quit picking. I'm quite relieved.

I hope you find some relief from the picking....it's awful stuff.

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I agree- it's really mind boggling how it all works.

Thank you for the replies. I traded meds with my friend (who takes Adderall), and I didn't pick- although it could just be because it was my first day on it? The only problem is that Ritalin and Adderall are now on the FDA's "drug shortages" list, so I'm not sure if I want to gamble on being able to get my prescription filled...

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Im 15 and used to to alot of narcotics like oxycontin heroin and meth i was prescribed adhd medicine and deciced to conduct a experiment so i did a months worth of vyvance 40 mg in 3 days I have to say it was horrible I was hullucinating picking my skin, It gave horrible bumpy rashes on my hands and feet itchy face hot flashes I didn't eat one thing in that 3 day time period I probably had 4 glasses of water, I'm not completely sober off it yet I took 6 pills probably about 5 hours ago right now I feel like I have headphone in I don't and Im convinced their are bugs in me and all over my bed, their are also sores on my tounge and my jaws extremely sore, It reminds me of meth alot.

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