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Who or whom? Rapunzel's intro.

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I am lots of things - smart, stupid, funny, cheerful, depressed. I'm also a poet. But who am I? For this forum I'll call myself Rapunzel. I live in Australia.

I've done intensive psychotherapy in the past, but not the meds. I'm going to art therapy at the moment because it seems to suit where I'm at. I like to create.

Tonight I feel pretty small and sad. It was a shit week - pity about that. So I have to put that to one side and make something of the week to come. To be honest, my confidence is shot. Most people don't know that. I cover up a lot of things with humour. It's also a survival thing ... if you're laughing, you're not crying.

The reason I joined this group is because sometimes I need to talk about how I feel. I liked the quirkiness of this one.

Tonight I could just scream it out, but there's also a hard weight on my chest. I'm trying to spend enough time distracting myself, so that I'm tired enough to fall asleep. I'm not at risk, but I am sad. Whenever I do depression tests, I end up somewhere in the middle of the chart. Just over or just under the line.

This is a start anyway ...

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