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lexapro from 10 to 15 mg-an update

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I had my Lexapro upped from 10 mg to 15 mg and it has been about 3 weeks. Nothing positive so far-in fact its been somewhat negative. The 10 mg took forever to kick in so I guess I'm a slow responder :wacko: The negatives are an increase in a slothful kind of apathy and all this damn yawning- i must yawn a 100 times a day at least no matter how much I sleep! Sleep is great though-in fact its about the only thing I really want to do any more. I can easily sleep 10 hours where I usually only sleep 7-8 max.

Lots of suicidal ideation-but not really of a serious kind-but a new twist to it all. The contemplation of death in a way as something really marvelous-I mean you always have that as a back-up. The idea of nothingness as not at all negative but simply a release from this flesh and blood form we currently inhabit. Intuitively understanding that death is like what it was before our birth-no pain, no suffering-no agony-nothing. There is such a purity to it all-something Nature inhabits continually. The walk in the forest around here where death and life live side by side. The rotting corpses of mighty trees and the millions of "dead" leaves that flutter about aimlessly. No big deal-so serene-so peaceful. I am starting to sound like a damn poet to myself but it is an interesting development.

Suicide is of course out of the question-I have dependant children who mean everything to me-must stick around for them and I am healthy other than the damn MI-

Has anyone reacted to SSRI's in this way-is this normal?

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An increase in suicidal feelings can be mentioned, particularly with children.

my understanding of lexapro is that it can be intially sedating or activating, depending. I would give it some time.... You may want to back off on your dose slightly, can you split the 5 m.g. into 2.5 or is that totally impossible?

or, you may need a different ssri than lexapro entirely, as each are a little different, but I would give things a good 12 weeks, with the ssris, as it really CAN take that long to see entirely what the effect will be. Sadly. it's a shame they aren't quicker, but they just... aren't.


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