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Effexor users..past and present

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I was just wondering about some side effects I've had on Effexor. I began taking it for a suicidal depression about 4 months. It's helped me a lot. I take 300mgs XR.

However I've been experiencing a lot of mood swings. I also feel very sped up midday. Not so much physically, but mentally. It's hard to describe, just wondering if anyone else has had this side effect?

I also get a lot of dizziness. I kind have want to go a little lower on the dosage but I'm scared of the depression coming back so I probably won't. I probably still am depressed, maybe that's causing my mood swings.

For ex-users

How long did Effexor work for you before you stopped taking it if you did indeed stop it?

Why did you stop taking it?

Anyways, thanks for responses.

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