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Tapering Zyprexa = drowsiness and dizzy spells?

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I have been taking 2.5mg of zyprexa 4 times daily (10mg in total) for anxiety.. 2.5 when I wake up at 11am, 2.5 at 3:30pm, 2.5 at 9:30pm and 2.5 at 11pm.

I am 6'5 and weigh around 111kg.

I was originally taking 5mg at night, but after quitting pot my pdoc bumped me up to my current dose.

When I was on the 5mg at night + pot I didn't notice many side effects except maybe some low blood pressure dizzy spells if I stood up quickly for a couple of days.

When I started taking the extra 5mg it erased my anxiety and nausea (which were stronger than usual thanks to the pot withdrawal) for a while but I had the common sleepiness for a few days but then evened out.

As my anxiety has improved, the drowsy/mind numbing effects have increased, making it difficult to concentrate or do anything.

I started tapering my 3:30pm dose down by 1.25 mg 8 days ago, and seemed fine, maybe a little more anxious in the afternoon.

I started tapering my 11am dose down a couple of days ago, and seemed more energetic yesterday but had a couple of dizzy spells again.

This morning I felt really tired with the reduced dose, and slightly dizzy again too.

I wondered if these common side effects from starting or increasing dose of Zyprexa could emerge when reducing the dose... but can't find any such info on net.

Still a week till I see doctor, and I will ask him, but was wondering if anyone else has experienced or heard of this?

Of course, it could all just be in my head.

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