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My new psychiatrist...

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Hey guys,

I had a fantastic psychiatrist for the past 3 years. Unfortunately he had to take an extended medical leave last year and has not come back yet. He was absolutely great. Always positive, always had a proposed solution, would schedule appointments promptly in case of an emergency, would return my calls, was open to new suggestsions, etc. Just fantastic.

So the hospital assigned me another psychiatrist... and she is absolutely terrible.

The first time I saw her she just asked me to go over about the history of my MI (even though it was well documented in my folder), etc. etc.

She then said that since I've tried many medications in the past that have not worked, that she could not do anything for me and I should wait it out (I have been in a major suicidal depression for 9 months now). So she just gave me a suicide hotline pamphlet and wished me the best of luck. I wanted to rip her face off.

Furthermore, she allows herself to randomly cancel my appointments so I have to wait another 3 months to see her.

Her "policy" is to not return any of my calls concerning anything whatsoever. I called many times asking if I could see her sooner because I was feeling terrible and her secretary simply told me to go to the ER.

Is this acceptable behavior?

I am finally going to see her in 2 weeks. There are some important urgent medication changes I would like to discuss first, but then I want to talk to her about seeing someone else.

I am afraid that she might get offended and not help me with my medication and make me wait another 3 months to see someone new.

I just want to make sure I get in, get the meds I need, and get out.. and have the opportunity to get another psych.

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I agree with Odetta. She sounds uneducated and flip. In essence, didn't she tell you "snap out if?"

Now to be fair, when my dad had patients with multiple hospitalizations, he would start telling them that they didn't need to call him to go to the ER, but that he wanted to hear what the ER doctor had to say. The ward was upstairs from his office, so he visited his patients every day.

BUT, I have to say she sounds pretty shocking. My experience has always been that you call if you are worried and talk to the NP or a machine, and the p-doc calls back immediately if concerned, and within two or three days if s/he is not.

Also, she is supposed to be trying to prevent you from landing in the ER, not sending you there just because she feels you are too much effort. It is the equivalent of using abortion as birth control (NOTE: I am rabidly pro-choice).

IMO, this p-doc is in way over her head with treatment resistant patients, and has thrown her hands up rather than admitting it to herself.

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Why do you need her to give you a referal to a new pdoc? (I had an HMO that required this, but I don't know if it really is the same situation.) If your medical coverage does not require her to refer you, ask your GP or look up who is covered by your insurance and get a new pdoc by yourself.

If I had to choose between the two, I'd talk about the meds first. If she went for it, I'd wait on the referal. If she didn't, I'd ask for the referal. If she said the pdoc change was about not getting the meds, I'd say nope and list the reasons.

Your situation rather sucks. I hope you can get it worked out soon.

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