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Having such a hard time concentrating

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Hello all,

I am a teacher with 4 kids of my own. I work in an environment where I have a lot on my plate and get paid little. I work for a Christian school. You can imagine, lots of responsibilities for little pay. It is my lot right now.

However, I am having a hard time getting things done and staying on track. I have a hard time following through with grading etc. I stay after school and get little done and have the work pile up. Is it possible that I need something to help with concentration? I know that some people find themselves more productive when they are given a ADD med. I am not hyper, so I don't think I would be ADHD. anyway, I am curious how I should approach this idea with my Doctor? I live in a small town and have to see a Family Practitioner for all my meds. I know I have rambled a bit. Any help would be appreciated.


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