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Hey everyone

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Hey everyone :)

Just a quick intro to me, I feel that it's kinda obligatory at this stage - I've been lurking for a while, and I think it's time to start joining in :)

I have been struggling with MI for the past 3 years, and probably a long time before that... I've been through countless diagnoses: depression, anxiety, bipolar, panic disorder, epilepsy (not sure how this one came about, but thankfully it was a false alarm), and now we seem to have settled at borderline personality disorder. Which I'm happy with. I'm by no means a google self-diagnoser, but I have done my research and had pretty much come to the same conclusion by the time my pdoc did. I get really bad panic attacks which can be crippling some nights (as I'm sure heaps of you understand first-hand), and often have issues with dissociation - this one worries me the most, as there is practically no warning before it happens, and a few times now it has landed me in ED after OD'ing on various things. I also SI, which I'm trying really hard to stop, or at least understand why it is happening so I can figure out better ways to cope in those situations.

I have an awesome tdoc, who I've now been seeing every week for over a year, and I don't think anyone understands me quite as well as he does. My pdoc is new, they seem to change every 6 months or so, but the clinic I go to is really good, so the changeovers are pretty seamless when they do happen.

Other than that... I'm an Aussie girl, I'm 27 yrs old, have an awesome job which I started about 4 months ago... I live with 2 housemates who are seriously getting on my nerves at the moment (but that shall pass soon when one of them is moving out!!! woohoo!), and have just started studying part-time at uni (Bachelor of Arts, majoring in... wait for it... Psychology!!! am I nuts? why, yes I just might be :P).

Today is a good day. Some days are so bad I wish I could disappear. Writing this, I feel like I don't belong here, because I sound "normal", and positive. I feel like a fraud, when I'm actually happy, because I know that deep down the BPD lies waiting for one small thing to trigger it off. But I'm going to enjoy today as much as I can, so that I can look back on it when things get tough again :) :) :)

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Even the best of us have normal days. :)

I saw "Red-dirt-girl" and thought "Australia." What formation is your avatar? I am American, but have traveled to Australia several times, and my sister lives there.

A lot of people here went through several diagnoses before their p-doc settled on one. But something you've probably already seen here if you have been lurking, the important thing is treating the symptoms. But it is kind of a comfort to be able to "know." I was lucky (haha) in that my initial diagnoses went from MDD to BP within 3 months.

Welcome to CBs!

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Hi, red dirt girl! Welcome to Crazyboards and don't worry about telling people about your meds and other details. I mean, it's fine to do it, but not a requirement in order to hang out here.

Be sure to read the rules when you have time and call on one of the mods or admins if you have a concern.


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