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New to Meds for this problem

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Without making this tooooooo long. I've been dealing with mental health issues with our kids (Foster care / adoption) for quite a few years. I did a little talk therapy some years ago to try to deal with some anxiety. I've had it suggested a few times that I might be dealing with depression (But I'm a guy and thats just "MENTAL") sigh... Anyway my wife and I have been having a little bit of a rough patch and the couples therapist suggested I talk to my Doctor.

So... I'm taking a drug called celaxa (Chill-axia) or rather the generic. Rereading all the stuff I have on depression and anxiety and looking at it with me being the patient for once. *Really eye opening and I seem to see myself totally. Anyway I'm here to learn more share some experiences and wonder when this stuff kicks in?!?! PLEASE ! ;-)

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James, welcome to Crazyboards. You will find lots of people here who resisted medication for years, but eventually yielded and had good outcomes. Not everyone, of course, but many of us.

For most of us, SSRIs start to kick in by 4-6 weeks. However, some people feel them the first week, and some people don't get the full effect for 8-10 weeks. I think you need to stick with it until at least 8 weeks has gone by.

Please PM a moderator if you don't understand something, and check out chat if you want to talk. We are men and women here from 15 to 70+, so it's a diverse group. There is a lot of information pinned at the top of each forum--you might want to check out the antidepressant forum.


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Thanks everyone. Yeah, I really did resist this. I was ok with doing talk therapy for Anxiety but when I was doing the tests I wasn't being very honest with myself. We adopted a couple of kids and both have had some issues with mental health so I was cool with them having problems and I don't think it was a stigma thing but... Anyway. Reading (rereading) all that stuff as it related to me was really eye opening. I make an awful patient.

Had a great chat here and the main point I'm taking from everyones advise is to wait for it to work. I have my fingies crossed!!!

Usual Conversation with a male patient in the E.R.

Q: How are you?

A: Fine....

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh..... OK...... So about this bone sticking out and the blood coming out in spurts......

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